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Mimi Lupin


My Story

Mimi Lupin received her master’s degree in Psychology from the University of Houston in 1970. She is a Licensed Specialist School Psychologist and a Licensed Professional Counselor (retired). Ms. Lupin worked with children and parents in the Houston school systems and in other capacities over 35 years. She has developed several programs that have been used for over 30 years to help children heal from the effects of divorce and other traumatic experiences. 

Her Old Me New Me program has been used by therapists, children’s hospitals, parents and schools nationwide, to help children heal from the effects of trauma, and decrease negative behaviors, PTSD and anxiety. It has been the subject of sixteen research studies over the years and has proved its effectiveness in helping children with a variety of problems.

Ms.Lupin, now retired, is also a Co-Producer of the documentary, The Place of Refuge:Calming the Storm of Divorce which can be seen on many PBS stations across the U.S. “I know about scars of divorce as I was a child during the 1940s when divorce was rarely mentioned and often spoken about in hushed tones. As a young woman, I was divorced myself. As a child, my parents’ divorce was regarded as a family secret, never to be revealed to anyone outside the family.


When I was a child, society viewed divorce as a stigma”.

Although it is no longer a stigma, it is still a very difficult and painful experience for parents and their children. Over fifty percent of children in the classroom have divorcing or separated parents and this trauma, unless handled well by the parents, can cause lasting emotional scars for their children and themselves. Both their psyches are wounded, and parents must take the necessary care to protect their children from these potential lifelong emotional scars.

It is recommended that parents learn the skills to avoid much of the trauma felt by all to make sure that children feel safe during this time.

Classes for divorcing parents are held in numerous locations these days and are frequently mandated by the court system.  Long-term emotional scars can be avoided when parents attend these classes since most parents often don’t have the skills necessary to make sure children are protected. But they can learn how to make this a much less traumatic experience for themselves and their children if they develop the skills and know how. The goal of this film is to show parents how to protect their children. Parents must learn the skills to avoid much of the trauma felt by all to make sure that children feel safe, protected and loved by both parents.

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