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How This Program Helps

Children and Teens

Old Me New Me, a series of twelve healing stories for children and teens, ages 5-17, is particularly relevant for today’s world. Many of the destructive behaviors we hear about on a daily basis are caused by children and teens who have never learned to handle frustration and anger appropriately, or who may have experienced trauma that was never healed. Consequently, many of these children and teens are drawn to drugs and alcohol to deal with negative feelings and eventually enter in to a life of drugs and alcohol use to feel better.

Children often choose a story that they know may be helpful to them and may listen to that one repeatedly. The “Trip To The Star” story, for example, may become a favorite because it helps children and teens realize that they have “self-power” which increases both self-esteem and self-control. Sample texts of this and two more stories are included below, as well as a free audio clip from "Trip to the Beach". These qualities help children and adolescents learn to love and appreciate themselves, improve their relationships and gives them a sense of accomplishment. These stories help children and teens grow into successful adults and can benefit all children whether they are having difficulties with others or just need to learn to calm down and be peaceful.

Numerous published independent research studies have been done on the program, and confirm the effectiveness of this method. It has been used by children’s hospitals, therapists, schools and by parents and has been updated through recent years. The program helps young people express their feelings in more appropriate ways to get along better with others. Research results have shown that the program helps children and teens heal from past trauma that they may have experienced. As a result, children and teens become more resilient and happier. The Old Me New Me program can affect them in many positive ways.

Self-talk helps to change negative thoughts and behaviors

1. Facing problems takes courage, I have courage because I believe in myself. 

2. Calming down and thinking good thoughts will help me make good choices.

3. When I am upset, I can stop, take a breath, and calm down.

4. Calming down helps me to think before I act so that I can stay in control.

5. I can learn from my mistakes.

6. I can learn something new if I am patient with myself and take smaller steps. 

7. I am responsible for my own actions. 

8. I can express myself without hurting others with my words. 

9. I have a special purpose and my talents can make the world a better place. 

10. I can choose how I want to act so I can be my very best self. 

11. I can be honest with my words and actions and do what I know is right. 

12. I like being successful and I am happy when others are successful too. 

               A film for divorcing parents can be found in the "Film" tab. 

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Trip to the Beach (Sample)

"Let's take a short walk along the beach. It's so calm and you feel so quiet. Look, there are some shells here by the water. There's a big snail shell. Pick it up and hold it to your ear. Can you hear the roar it makes? As you walk along the beach say to yourself, "I feel so very quiet." Anytime I get angry or upset, or when something bothers me, I will remember how I feel right now - peaceful and calm."

Trip to A Star (Sample)

"You feel very safe, very peaceful, just you and the stars and the light of the moon. The sky is full of very bright stars in every direction. There is no beginning and no end---- it just goes on and on forever. In all directions you see points of light. Take a deep breath now and relax completely. It feels so peaceful, just sitting here as you sit quietly, totally enjoying this new vision you have created. One you have never seen before. You have absolutely no worries. Nothing can bother you and you realize as you sit on your star that you have never felt this peaceful and relaxed before."

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"The only sound is a bird singing. Lie down on a bed of pine needles. They feel nice and soft. Smell them. They smell sweet and clean and fresh. Look up at the sky. You may want to cover your eyes a little for the sun is very bright."


Purchase Audio Program 

Digital Download

(Includes 15 Stories) $39.00

1. Children's Relaxation Exercises

2. Slow Relax (CD 1)

3. Old Me New Me

4. Trip to the Beach

5. Walk in the Woods

6. Slow Relax (CD 2)

7. Secret Place

8. Trip to a Star

9. Trip to the Mountains

10. Yes I Can

11. Slow Relax (CD 3)

12. Robin and the Magic Kingdom

13. Robin Returns

14. Magic Mountain Part 1

15. Magic Mountain Part 2

 A research based series of stories using imagery and positive self talk to teach stress management and life skills

- Proven to decrease hyperactivity, impulsivity, aggression, anxiety, and stress while increasing concentration.


by  Mimi Lupin
MA, LPC, LSSP (Retired)

Appropriate for ages 5 and older

Free Sample

Trip to the Beach Sample
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