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Old Me New Me, a series of twelve healing stories for children and teens, ages 5-17, is particularly relevant for today’s world. Many of the destructive behaviors we hear about on a daily basis are caused by children and teens who have never learned to handle frustration and anger appropriately . Many children may have experienced trauma that was never healed. Consequently, many of these children and teens are drawn to drugs and alcohol to deal with negative feelings and eventually enter in to a life of drugs and alcohol use to feel better.

Children often choose a story that they know may be helpful to them and may listen to that one repeatedly.  The“Trip To The Star” story, for example, may become a favorite because it helps children and teens realize that they have “self-power” which increases both self- esteem and self -control. These qualities help children and adolescents learn to love and appreciate themselves, improve their relationships and gives them a sense of accomplishment. These stories help children and teens grow into successful adults and can benefit all children whether they are having difficulties with others or just need to learn to calm down and be peaceful.

For more than thirty years, numerous published independent research studies done on the program, confirms the effectiveness of this method and the content of the stories. It has been used by children’s hospitals, therapists, schools and by parents and has been updated from time to time. The program helps young people express their feelings in more appropriate ways to get along better with their others. Research results have shown that the program helps children and teens heal from past trauma that they may have experienced and as a result have become more resilient and happier. The Old Me New Me can affect the lives of children and teens in many positive ways

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  1. Childrens Relaxation Exercises

  2. Slow Relax

  3. Old Me New Me

  4. Robin and the Magic Kingdom

  5. Robin Returns

  6. Secret Place

  7. Trip to a Star

  8. Trip to the Beach

  9. Trip to the Mountains

  10. Walk in the Woods

  11. Yes I can

  12. Magic Mountain Part 1&2

Appropriate for ages 5 and older

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